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Name of Goddess:

Devi is a young woman with long wavy flame red hair and ice blue eyes. Perched atop her head are a pair of devil horns. Also with having the horns of a devil, the has the tail of one which she sometimes twirls around when bored. Her clothing is always very tight and revealing, in red vinyl. She's very flirty and hits on every male in sight.

Goddess of:

Bad, very naughty little girl

Even though she's in a relationship with a fellow god, Gharial, she still likes to flirt with other ones. Watch out boys.
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I know someone who sounds just like that... *is scared*

Welcome to the community! XD
Oh...I forgot to mention XP

She's friends with Samhian...or she likes to tell herself she is.
Okie, I'll go update! XD
Haha...watch out, Gladwyn.

I should so make Gladwyn. After Gharial of course. He could be, like, another incarnation of Laurent, since Glad himself never had a really definite personality...

Aren't you glad I stumbled on this community? ;P
I am. *licks it*
Wow, you guys are great... I don't have a clue what your talking about, but your still great! ^^