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Saturday, July 31st, 2004
5:34 pm
last claim
God: Torgan

God of: Water, in all it's forms; Liquid (Water), Solid (Ice), and Gaseous (Mist/Fog).

Powers: The ability to control and manipulate water in all it's forms, including the water in mortal's bodies.

Good, Evil, or Neutral: Neutral. The Tides Ebb, and they Flow. Rain pours on the virtuous and the wicked alike.

Appearance: Appearance varies. Gender varies. Always has short hair, which appears perpetually wet. Smells strongly of sea foam, and the ocean.

Associations: Thresain's twin. They may not look alike. But they were "created" at the same time.
5:26 pm
next claim
God: Durahl

God of: Judgment

Powers: The ability to change and alter fate, the ability to discern what each individual will do with their lives, and how it will affect others.

Good, Evil, or Neutral: Neutral

Appearance: Durahl dresses in robes of gold and violet. He wears a mask that covers his entire face, leaving only two eye holes from which he sees everything about mortal life. On his mask, under his right eye is his holy symbol.

He wears a white glove on his right hand and a black glove on his left. Inscribed in the palm of the white glove is a symbol of pain and punishment. Inscribed in the palm of his black glove is a symbol of healing and health. Depending on how he judges your life and existence, he can bless or curse you accordingly. He leaves no footprints, and gives off no odor.

His little brother T'larn Garnth is the God of Storms, who he views as a pest.
5:12 pm
*knaws a tennis ball*
Name of God


God of...
Pain & Suffering

Gharial is a little...dense. It's very difficult to get him out of his own morbid thoughts and back into the real world. He likes knives. He has the appearence of a young lad from the American 1600s, and dresses like such, with too-long dull blonde hair and stubble scattered across his face. (He is often told that he resembles Kurt Cobain.)

Bad, but mainly because he follows Devi into it.

Devi's lover. He's fiercely devoted to the Goddess.

Other Gods I've claimed include...
Samhain...and probably one more eventually.

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5:10 pm
My claim:
God: T'larn Garnth

Good, Evil, Or Neutral: Neutral

Powers: Powers of the Storm. Lightning, Rain, Thunder, Hail, and Strong Wind. All are his play things.

Appearance: Dressed as a rogue, he is known as the "Thief of Nature" He and his storms appear quickly, cause mischief and disorder, and as quickly he is gone. His appearance changes every time he is seen, and thus noone is ever sure of his presence, save for after the passing storm.
11:01 pm
Claim 2
As this community has finally gotten off the ground, I thought I'd make my second claim.

Name of God you have made

Aditional Information
He has short dark hair, and wears very dark red material with golden armour on top. Instead of eyes, his eye sockets contain fire, and when he is angry, fire can spout from him randomly

What your god is the god of

Whether they are good, bad, or neutral
Neutral. Fire does not have time to consider it's stance

Any relationships between gods
A close friend of Rasufus

Any gods you have already claimed
Rasufus the King of all the other gods

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4:37 pm
Name of Goddess:

Devi is a young woman with long wavy flame red hair and ice blue eyes. Perched atop her head are a pair of devil horns. Also with having the horns of a devil, the has the tail of one which she sometimes twirls around when bored. Her clothing is always very tight and revealing, in red vinyl. She's very flirty and hits on every male in sight.

Goddess of:

Bad, very naughty little girl

Even though she's in a relationship with a fellow god, Gharial, she still likes to flirt with other ones. Watch out boys.

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4:25 pm
"They're not dolls. They're PLUSHIES."
Oh, my God, this is the most awesome community ever. Is it still alive? Because I'm joining, and you can't stop me. :P Only yes, you can. But please don't?

I came up with a slew of Gods a long time ago, and they've kind of been musing about in my brain ever since. Time to resurrect one!

Name of God(dess)

Too lazy to scan one at the moment.

God(dess) of...

Samhain has the appearence of a delicate young woman with very long charcoal-colored hair and slanted green eyes, which give her an almost Eastern mystery. (Why? Because I invented her years ago, before I had much sense...) She appears human aside from the pair of black feathered wings sprawled downy on her back. Generally found wearing a black dress, she is a quiet and simple girl who only uses her scythe when absolutely necessary...ehehehe.

Good, as far as I'm concerned, but hey...she does kill people. I guess it's your call.

She has a thing for another God, but his owner creator devout wosrhipper hasn't joined this community yet. I will beg him to, pronto! ^_^

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, July 8th, 2004
5:41 pm
Okie... I think I might as well start of! But I'm only going to make 1 claim to start of with!

Name of God

nope >_<

He is male. He is rather big and often topless... like all gods should be. He wears a purple throw like greek gods do... but purple >_< His skin is all super shiney and sparkely, and he has long blue hair. He also has a third eye which is apparently very fashionable in the afterlife at the moment. He has large wings on his back, but rarely flies because he's a bit lazy really >_<

God of:
This community... which I guess puts him on the top of the pile! Yey!


Well, seing as their arn't any other gods yet... he's going to have to be a narscissist! (spelt badly) Well... at least, until another cute god comes around!

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